October 8, 2008

Family ramblings

This morning, my sister-in-law, is going to the hospital to possibly have a C-section. We are hoping she gets a lovely surprise and that the baby turned itself around properly and will be "heading out" on its own. You're in our prayers KT!

Also this morning, my son, after watching rain all yesterday afternoon and evening and waking up to it, cried out "Holy Soaks!" I don't know where he gets it from.

Last week, my oldest daughter mastered doing cartwheels on the balance beam like Shawn Johnson while suffering through a fever. Way to go! (We didn't realize she had a fever until she got home). She's much better now.

We have an impending visit from the tooth fairy for my younger daughter, who is also doing a fabulous job in gymnastics.

My youngest son, is learning to wag his eyebrows in the cutest way.

I am working a lot and enjoying every minute of it, both at home and my work outside the home.

In political news...
I, like my dh, have realized that Obama is the Messiah! He foresaw the Georgia crisis; he foresaw the financial crisis we are experiencing; he foresaw the problems in Pakistan. And he flew into action with keeness and speed, issuing statements of concern and filing position papers and starting to evaluate whether he should be president! He and the creator of the internet, Al Gore, are soul mates!

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