March 29, 2010

Family tidbits

Kyle and Elizabeth are playing Monopoly with grace and charity. Elizabeth lended freely from the riches of her fortune when Kyle worked himself into debt by landing on her hotel filled Park Place so that the game could continue. However, she is not gracious enough to "let" him win. Does that count as playing for the love of the game?

John has decided to continue taking gymnastics until he can knock down doors. (?) I am wondering if we should have him try karate instead. He went on his first ride on the trail-a-bike a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Kyle is riding his bike well, too. He also started taking art with the older kids, since he does really enjoy drawing and it is recognizable.

We are starting to take family rides more now that three kids can ride around. Last week, we took a short ride around the neighborhood to teach Kyle the rules of the road and get me comfortable with riding with three unattached kids. I think we will stay on neighborhood roads for a while.

Jessi did an amazing job in her piano recital, making "The Can Can" really dance. She is improving in gymnastics and met national fitness standards in everything but running. She is currently pretending to go on dates, which is concerning me. I asked her once what she thought people do on dates. She said, "Go to dinner and talk about stuff like sex." As I felt a heart attack starting, I, somehow, calmly asked her, "What do you think sex is?" to which she replied "I have no idea." I think/hope/pray that "sex" is a word she has heard somewhere and is just parroting it, like two year olds do. Maybe I had better remind Elizabeth that our little "talk" is really not to be shared in any way shape or form. Maybe Eric needs to take her out on a date. Soon.

Elizabeth has survived oral surgery, followed soon after by braces. She had six teeth removed during oral surgery with one being fused to the bone. She went about four weeks eating soft foods. Another tooth was lost this week which, thankfully, did not have a bracket on it because it was already loose. Yes, she still can chew, but she needs to be creative sometimes. She met national fitness standards in everything but flexibility (0.5 inches short of the goal). She also participated in the recital, playing "Ode to Joy" on her guitar very nicely.

We attended our first Cubs pre-season game at Hohokoam Park, which is less than five miles away. It was a lot of fun, although I had to give a guy "the look" when he started dropping "f" bombs right and left. I didn't want to call the kid's attention to him. They seemed oblivious. It was fun sitting on the grass for several hours watching a pitching duel in between getting food and drinks.

I attended my first "Ladies Movie Night" last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed "Julie & Julia", good food, and female conversation uninterrupted by kids. It was also great to see a movie with married couples working through problems, encouraging each other, and enjoying each other in every way ;-). I especially liked how they handled one line that I thougt was especially corny. Julie makes a comment near the end about Julia Child "saving" her, to which her very wise husband says, "Now don't get ridiculous."

Eric is still enjoying bicycling into work, although his "usual route" is partially underwater thanks to all the rain we have been receiving. He has an alternative route which takes him through the Indian reservation.

The weather has been beautiful and we are getting very tan. We are seeing lots of water in riverbeds for the first time. Flowers are blooming everywhere and I have realized that the smell of orange blossoms is almost overpowering, though it might be because the neighbor behind us has about ten of them in his yard. It is not a good time to be visiting if you have allergies. The pool is too cold for swimming at this time, though by the end of the month, it should be fine.

Last night, at art class, the three oldest kids had made play cell phones with internet connection and portable computers that would make future "iPad" owners jealous. They were really blocks of wood attached with hot glue gun and marked properly with marker. On the way home, Jessica notifies Elizabeth that she is "calling" her cell phone. Elizabeth starts singing part of a Francesca Battistelli song before "answering it" (think ringtones). Then they start file sharing different movies they have "watched" and enjoy: "Attack of the Killer Toothpaste", "Attack of the Killer Cheesecake" (which Kyle informed me was a tragedy because all the good guys die at the end), "Attack of the Killer Cheese Curls", "The Incredibles, 2" and "Much Ado About Nothing, 2". Do you know how hard it is to drive while trying NOT to laugh because you are afraid you will hurt their feelings OR cause them to work harder at being funny?

Happy Easter, everyone. We miss you!


justkt said...

Great update. So nice to hear how everyone is doing. Em was wondering if you do standardized testing with your kids. We're doing ours this week.

tandemingtroll said...

Thanks! I do not do standardized tests at this point, though I might have Elizabeth take one next year since she will be graduating from sixth grade, and she needs to start learning how to fill in those little dots at some point.

Michelle said...

No! Jessi can't be saying "sex"! But at least she doesn't know what it is.