May 20, 2010

Week 3: It’s not just about the weight?

When I started this journey, I promised myself that I would only weigh myself once a week. And yet, last Thursday, I weighed myself at least three times during the day to see if anything had changed. No such luck. I spent the whole day feeling sorry—sorry that I had let myelf and my encouragers down, sorry that I had let God down because I know that I had indulged more than I should have during the week, rather than turning to God. I repented the pride that led to my “downfall” and in not really relying on the power of God. I re-affirmed the sacrifices that would have to be made in order to reach my goal and realized that, ultimately, they would be worth it if I did it to glorify God. The next day, I couldn’t resist. I got on the scale again. I was back to within 0.2 pounds of the week 1weight. Part of me screamed “ARRRGGGGHHHHHH! Why couldn’t this have been the weight yesterday?” Then I heard God ask me a question: “Are you going to trade in one idol for another?” Busted. Again. Drat.

Throughout the week, whether I had a good day eating or a bad day, God reminded me that other good things were happening. For one thing, working out five times a week is resulting in me having more energy and improving a lot quicker than I thought I would. When I started exercising, I barely got through 15 minutes of aerobics combined with 15 minutes of flexibility, which is not the same as stretching, according to Wii "My Fitness Instructor" (the cheaper version of Wii Fit). In the last week, I have increased it to 30 minutes of whatever I am doing and I am not having as much difficulty in peforming the exercise. When I walk Jacques, I am able to run/shamble for longer distances before my weak knee starts aching. I think the exercise has also contributed to me being calmer with the kids, probably because I don’t have the energy to get really mad at them :-). There are more days that I am satisfied with eating less and those times when I do overeat, I stop sooner than in previous times. In the past week I have thrown away a fudgecicle because I realized that I was not eating for the right reasons and, at a restaurant, cut everything in half and left one half to take home. I also successfully followed up one day of little excesses with a day of a little lesses. Finally, the clothes that were beginning to be a bit tight are feeling a little less tight. These are all positive changes that should be highlighted before the weight.

My goal this week is to memorize and meditate on two Bible verses: Ephesians 1:18-20, which I included in my last post, and 2 Corinthians 3:18.

The result for this week: down 4 pounds from last week (though it was REALLY only two), 36 pounds to go.

Thank you God, for giving me strength to make it through the week!

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justkt said...

Great news Kris! I'm proud of your honesty and dedication.