May 6, 2011

The Relatives Are Coming! The Relatives Are Coming!

Unlike Paul Revere, this is not a warning, but a joyous proclamation. KT and two of her nuts arrived from Minnesota, today experiencing a forty degree temperature change. After having to delay pool time in order to simultaneously do schoolwork and get the house ready for the visit, we spent a glorious hour staying cool in the pool in near 100 deg weather. In-laws arrive tomorrow after visiting places west and north of us for a week. Sadly, KT can only stay a few days, but her nuts will bless us with their presence for the rest of week, leaving with their grandparents. We have no current planned activities other than a fishing trip with Poppa. I have probably the best in-laws ever and I am lucky enough to have two complete sets! Another SIL and her husband will be visiting us for a few days giving us an excuse to see the Phoenix Diamondbacks. After that, we have a week of school before we take a break. And then it will be time to consider visiting family in cooler climates.

Yay for family! Yay for rest!

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