June 12, 2011

A Relative Month--Part 1

May was almost equally divided between school and having fun with relatives. I just have to repeat what I said in an earlier post: I have the best in-laws! For three days, I had my lovely, talented, and wonderful SIL KT. I will let her tell her the details of her visit in Glorious Vacation, GV2, and GV3. She brought two of her four kids for cousin fun. On day two of her visit, Poppa Jim and Kathy arrived for week 2 of their vacation which involved seeing Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I think it is almost a requirement that when you visit us, you need to visit the Grand Canyon. (Hear that KT?) Then KT left to return to the chilly north, leaving her kids for us to enjoy. Nana, Poppa and my niece and nephew stayed for a five more days.

I am so amazed at how creative these kids were. The girls found a site that showed you how to re-fashion old t-shirts into new outfits. They spent a night with a bag of "rag" clothes that I gave my daughters for their creative endevors and made some amazing things. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of that because Eric and I were out. This inspired the boys to have a fashion show, too, which I did immortalize in pictures:

A lot of fun involved swimming and playing games. Banagrams is currently the most popular. Think of it as Speed Scrabble without the board where the winner is the one who uses the last tile first. The kids were great at playing together. My oldest son and nephew really developed their friendship. Nana and Poppa were able to watch Kyle play baseball while I ferried the girls to church activities one night. I was able to spend some quality time with my niece and oldest daughter. Another highlight was taking Poppa and the boys on a hike of Wind Cave Trail at Usury Mountain State Park. The trail takes you near the top of Pass Mountain. I have done the hike at least a half a dozen times. Last time Nana and Poppa visited, they brough my niece with them and I arranged a girl's hike up the mountain. It was great to spend time with the boys, too. The weather while they were visiting was beautiful.

I have some more videos that I created from the few pictures I took. However, I have had some problems loading more than one video for some reason (or Blogger is not behaving itself). So the next post will be mainly pictures of the Wind Cave Trail hike.

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Finally had a chance to watch. HILARIOUS!!!!