September 24, 2011

Pictures from Woods Canyon

There is something broke with the Picasa movie generator.  I tried uploading from Picasa into my blog while in Picasa.  I tried uploading it from Picasa while in my blog.  I tried importing it to Youtube from Picasa and I tried uploading it while in Youtube.  In all cases, only four pictures showed up before the screen turned black.  I sent a request to Google help to see if they could figure out what the problem is.  I received some singularly unhelpful links from a first line Google person. I explained to him, via email, exactly what I did and what was the problem and why his links were unhelpful.  I have heard nothing else from him.  Last night, I went to "Share Night" to hear my friend's experience in Ethiopia (We are Blessed To Be A Blessing) and we discussed the problem, since I know that she puts a lot more pictures on her web than I do.  So I am trying something different by putting pictures on an album in Google and letting you view them.

Pictures from the Overtoom's Camping Trip at Woods Canyon Lake

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Jennifer Dougan said...

It stinks when computers don't do what we want them to do! :) May picasso work for you soon. :)

Thanks for stopping by my site as well. Your family fitness goal of achieving the Presidential Challenge in May is great! Bravo.:)

Have a great vacation. Enjoy the swimming.