December 6, 2011

Waking up with songs in my head

Each morning, I usually wake up with some song in my head.  Sometimes, a song stays in my head all day.  For two horrific days a few weeks ago, it was "Wonderful Christmastime", penned by the hookmeister-but-not-versemeister Paul McCartney (I really hate that song, even more than "Feliz Navidad!").  I can feel it wanting to creep back into my mind, so I will quickly share with you the song that started out playing in my head this morning.  I like it, even if it is a bit repetitive, because of the play between the men and the women and the fact that it praises God by a lot of His titles/names.  It sounds great in congregational singing and I bet it would be even cooler sung in our church, one repetition in English and one in Spanish.


So far, my intention to really focus on Christ's coming has been going well, praise and thanks to God.  I am using some reading plans on my iPad Bible app focusing on repentence and the goodness of God.  The kids and I are reading Bible passages that relate to the Christmas story.  I am done with three out of four gifts for my family and I am close to finishing the last one.  I need a little help from my daughter for the gifts I am giving to the boys because some of it involves crocheting, which is not an area of expertise.  He has been showing me how to make Christmas fun.  I just have to make the certificates for all the fun things we will be giving the kids that are not items, but things they want to do.  We have not seen the inside of a store yet, but I do need to get an outfit for her Aerials show.  I think a daytime trip will be most welcome by all but the boys.

Happy Advent!


Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Tandemingtroll,

I agree that choosing to focus om Jesus and to slow down this season is good. In your giving this year, there seems to be a focus on making gifts, or involving time? Did I understand that right?

Thanks for your comment on my site. Have you done any family bike trips lately? What region did you have snow and family for Thanksgiving?

Yes, Robert Frost's poetry is musical. :)

Blessings on you both,

tandemingtroll said...

We are focusing on both. I am on the last knitting project for the kids. We also usually give them a book for Christmas. This year, instead of toys, we are giving them a class in their interest. Then, we take time to do something during the week between Christmas and New Year doing something fun as a family. It might simply be bowling or family game night. We might go somewhere nearby.

The big difference is that I am cutting down on the "other" preparations I am making and limiting them to the week before Christmas, so that I can focus on Jesus for the three weeks before Christmas--as well as the kids. In the past, I would be feverishly making cookies and such soon after Thanksgiving to give away to folks before Christmas AND school AND shopping, considering the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a month-long party.