June 8, 2015

Deliverer by Matt Maher

This is a lyric video I put together using Movie Maker.  Matt Maher has written some really lovely and powerful songs.  My all time favorites of his are "Alive Again", "Christ Has Risen" and "Lord I Need You."  This is a recent addtion to my favorites from his latest album, "Saints and Sinners".  And, just as in FYI, he is even better in person, creating a powerful worship experience in both concerts I have attended.

For this video my daughter created a painting that I thought would work nicely with the lyrics.  The painting was inspired by a story from the Nepal earthquake of a rescue worker finding a baby still alive in the rubble.  I broke her painting into two sections.  The background with the handprints is the left side of the painting and the painting with the baby being held by his/her rescuer is the right side.  I just love the expression she put on the baby's face.  I hope you enjoy it!


Jane Hoppe said...

Great job on the video, Kris. Thanks for sharing. I like this song. As the intensity built, I felt myself get more excited about what God has done for me. BTW, I so appreciated your introducing me to "You Matter" by For King and Country a while back. I put it on my playlists and it touches me every time I hear it.

tandemingtroll said...

Thank you so much, Jane. I still love that song, too.