September 17, 2008

Garage Sale results

I held my first ever garage sale last weekend. My DH helped a lot with setting up the garage and putting tarps over the stuff we didn't want to sell. We kept a lot of stuff in the garage because there was a forecast of rain for at least part of the weekend. However, we had put something in CraigsList and we didn't want to disappoint. It started raining Friday afternoon and didn't stop much until Sunday afternoon. We were only planning to have the garage sale Friday and Saturday, but we ended it early on Saturday. We sold a few things, but still have a lot of stuff. We will try and have another garage sale in a couple of weeks and if it doesn't pan out, we will give the remaining toys to Hurricane Ike victims and I might put the rest on Freecycle. It was nice to see that some of the stuff was worth buying. I will say that seeing someone walk away with empty hands from your stuff is a little humiliating. You feel like saying, "What, my stuff isn't good enough for you?" But then again, it isn't good enough for me....hmmm.

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