August 20, 2008

Let the dynasty begin...

Last week, Jessi was invited to join the Junior Team at the Gymnastics Factory. It is a great honor, but also a great commitment. Just as with Elizabeth, Eric and I prayed about it and asked Jessi to pray about it. Of course, she feels that God wants her to be on the team and she is really excited. John is taking a Parent and Tot class on Saturdays and really enjoys it. Even Kyle is talking about taking gymnastics after he is done with T-ball. Eric and I are joking about starting a gymnastics dynasty in which an Overtoom will be competing in gymnastics from 2016 (Elizabeth), which, hopefully, will be in Chicago, to 2024 (John). We will have to meet some interesting financial challenges if that were to actually come true.

With Jessi starting team, I am embarking on a new role: part time work. I mean VERY part time. I will begin tutoring a homeschooled boy in geometry this fall and will be working at the Gymnastics Factory, where the girls train one day a week in exchange for reduced class fees. My philosophy is that every little bit helps.

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