January 20, 2009

My daughter can fly

Here is proof that she can fly. Look at those arms, getting ready to flap. Look at how much air there is between her feet and the ground. Of course, it helps that she is on a very springy floor, literally. This is the only picture I have from my daughter's meet. I have lots of video, but my dh is working on it because I video taped all the girls on her team. My daughter took 3rd place in her age and level. This is better than she has placed in the past. She did a beautiful job on floor and vault. She fell once on the beam but recovered beautifully. She did not do great on the bars, which continue to be her weakest event. I am continually amazed at the things she can do, however, and I know she has good coaches who will help her overcome obstacles.
For those of you wondering, I am still working on continuing my testimonial series, I have just been delayed by other issues right now. One of the perks of having a child on a sports team (I am sure it is any competitive team), is that you have to help raise money for the team. I am in the middle of doing that right now, gathering sponsors to help our gym to host a meet on February 22nd. I am also seeking direction as to who would be the focus of my next testimonial.

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