February 5, 2009

God provides--Part II

My husband wrote a blog a while ago titled "God Provides". This is my follow up.

Six months ago, my husband was promoted. This happened right about the time that Motorola was announcing big problems and a plan to spin off it's cell phone division, which is when God said, "Stay here. I will take care of you." However, his promotion paperwork somehow got "lost" and he never received the pay increase that went along with the promotion. This was brought to light as he reviewed his layoff package. Human resources acknowledged their mistake and agreed to give him back pay and adjust his severence package. So, we didn't get the extra money when we didn't really need it. However, the extra money coming in now means that Eric doesn't need to fret about trying to find a job immediately. God already is providing. Read his blog to see what he has been doing during his first official week off of work.

Praise God!

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