June 20, 2010

Our New England Vacation--part 1

We took a tour of Revolutionary War sites in Philadelphia and Boston, adding a couple of stops in places anchored in other times. We visited most of the historic places in Philadelphia one day, the USS New Jersey and the Aquarium next door on another day. We took a day to drive to Boston, taking a scenic route on the way there to stop at Plymoth. We walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, as well as a tour of MIT thanks to Eric's former co-worker, who is a professor there. The next day, we took Paul Revere's route backwards, which, coincidentally enough, is the path that the British regulars took after "the shot heard 'round the world" caused them to return to Boston after failing to secure Colonial munitions supplies and failing to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams. We returned to the Philadelphia area, stopping at Morristown, NJ, which was one of the wintering spots of Washington's Army after Valley Forge. The morning of the reception, we went to Valley Forge, met some old friends who moved to the area a couple years ago and then left to get ready to go to the reception. It was a wonderful trip and I will be sharing highlights from our vacation over the next few days.

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