June 19, 2010

Week7: Vacation update

First of all, I have no idea how much I weigh. All I can go by is the fact that my snug shorts are no longer snug. They are actually a bit loose. God has really been with me and helping me. The first day of our trip, traveling from Arizona to Philadelphia via Minneapolis, our plane to Minneapolis was so late that as soon as we got off our first plane, our second plane was in the process of final boarding. And, of course, the departing gate was almost as far as it could possible be from our arrival gate. We literally ran from one end to the other without any opportunity to pick up lunch. Lunch was a Cliff bar and 1/3 of a snack box and a bag of peanuts. The next day, we didn't each much either. With the exception of yesterday, we have been bringing sandwhich fixings, snack veggies and fruit with us and eating in the car. Because we are staying at a Residence Inn, several times we have either fixed dinner ourselves or eaten their dinner, which is buffet that allows a person to chose as little or as much as needed. Last night was my worst night in terms of eating because we stopped at a Chinese restaurant that ended up serving excellent food (Yao Chinese food in Princeton, NJ). It has been so long since I have eaten excellent Chinese food, I ended up binging and seriously regretting it. Our trip has also involved a lot of walking. Even our road trip between Philladelphia and Boston involved stops to tour historic sites. Our biggest day of walking was probably Boston, when we walked The Freedom Trail, roughly 2.5 miles, was given a tour around MIT by one of Eric's former co-workers who is now a professor there and climbed up 294 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Memorial. That does not include steps we climbed up and down to get to various T stations going back and forth from the Freedom Trail and Cambridge. During our stay in Boston, we were on the 4th floor of a Residence Inn and the only time I used the elevator was at the end of that day, when I had to wash clothes. I was so tired, my feet were sore and I had no intention of carrying bags of dirty laundry down the stairs. So, it was good. I will be posting a blog about our trip soon. But now, it is on to Valley Forge before going to a wedding reception on our last day of the trip

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