January 21, 2011

Cute kid quotes

I try and capture the cute things my kids say in a notes application on my iPhone. Here are some of the things I have heard them say over the past month:

Elizabeth: The context is the last season of "The Amazing Race", of which we have watched three episodes so far. One team, a couple who are covered with tattoos and peircings readily admit that intelligence isn't their strong suit, but that they are strong and athletic. And there are times when they display a lack of knowledge. However, so far they are patient with each other in difficult circumstances and I admire them because they know themselves pretty well.
"I think that the tattooed couple were smart before they got all those tattoos."

Jessi: (wearing a shirt that is only slightly big on her) "I am glad that this shirt is so loose. Now I can flex my muscles without worrying about splitting the shirt. "

Kyle: He made a comment while we were playing in the icy snow in Flagstaff that was so funny and true. He was on a playground set and Eric and I were lobbing snowballs at his "fort". All during this time, the girls were busy transforming the bottom half of a snow man into a chair. When he got tired of the game he asked us to stop. "I have to go and taunt the girls now."

John: While we were listening to our huge collection of Christmas songs, Elvis' "Blue Christmas" started playing. After listening to the song for a few minutes, John asked "Is this a girl singing this song? It sure sounds like a girl!"

My apologies to anyone who has a tattoo or several and to any Elvis fans out there. Rest assured that I made sure that Elizabeth realizes that there is no connection to tattoes and intelligence and John knows that Elvis is a boy, not a girl. However, it is safe to say that there are no Elvis fans in this house.


Eric said...

How sure are you that there aren't any Elvis fans in the family? Some of his songs are pretty good, I think. Maybe I need to move my secret Elvis CD stash out from behind the DVDs... :)

tandemingtroll said...

Honey, do we need to have an Elvis intervention? PLEASE don't tell me that you want to visit Graceland next time we are visiting family in Memphis!

Love you, my Goofball!