January 26, 2011

Catch phrases

During a really frustrating day of homeschooling, each kid used their catch phrase on me which, in some ways, gives you a glimpse of their character.

Elizabeth: "Well, that is my own style (of writing/pronunciation/penmanship/etc.)!"
Jessi: "I can't find it!"
Kyle: "I will never finish it!"
John: "I was just being sarcastic."

Of course, summaries don't really adequately describe anything, just like you can't really know a song just by listening to the 30 second track on Amazon/Emusic or you can't really enjoy a book by reading the Cliff Notes or even an "Illustrated Classics" version of the book. For instance, Kyle is very concerned about doing a job well and if he can't do a job well, he doesn't want to do it and will use any excuse to avoid doing it. Once he has started it and finds it is not as daunting as he originally thought, he is very enthusiastic about finishing it and doing his best work. Jessi is so good at making people feel welcome and loved, but, as a result, she is not task oriented. Therefore, if I ask her to do something, like put her spelling and vocabulary words in her binder where she will be sure to find them when she needs them next, she may or may not do what I ask. She is easily distractible by people, books and any random object and can be waylaid on her way from the kitchen/living room to the office where her binder is kept. Elizabeth is definitely very artistic and does like to create her own sense of style, which currently reflects tomboy sensibilities. And style is a matter of personal choice/opinion. She is learning, however, that not everything is a matter of opinion. Even though John is my class clown, which means that even homeschooling moms are not immune to having them, he is very artistic and quick to pick up the phonics.

I also have to remind myself that these catch phrases have some hint of me in them, too, which of course, is completely humbling. Humility is a good thing because it keeps me teachable.

And people, unlike individual books or songs, don't ever stay the same (generally speaking). So these catch phrases that I hear from my kids now is not an indication of the adult they will become or even the person they will be next year. Just as they look slightly different from their baby pictures and I am not the same person I was when I was busy being a prodigal daughter. That thought gives me hope and inspiration to continue homeschooling my kids and loving them for who they are, with all their glories and faults, which is just how God feels about me.
"...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Phillipians 1:6

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AquaJane said...

I like your perceptive descriptions of your kids (reminds me of the basic personality types) and your openness to God's developments.