April 2, 2012

Game On! Competition Results

Last Thursday was the final weigh-in of the Game On! Diet competition initiated by my SIL, KT that started in March. I did not win the grand prize or even the runner up prize, but I did lose 16% of the weight I want to lose, got more consistent sleep, kept my desk and kitchen more organized, started a doable exercise routine that has me hooked on exercise again and had some victories in a long standing battle to overcome my family habit of yelling. I have more energy and have been less grumpy, which means that my family is benefitting from the changes I have been making through the plan. I feel like a winner anyway. The biggest loss of points came in the first week from my choice of bed habit to lose and good habit to gain. One of the problems that God told me was that I was aiming for perfection, an impossible goal to achieve. So I discussed my dilemma with the points keeper about modifying the definition of the goal without actually changing the goal, which brings on a 50 point penalty. The next game starts tomorrow, the day after I return from visiting my food- and dessert-loving family. My brother is a chef extraordinaire and my parents are incredible cooks and professional bakers of cakes, cupcakes and other delectable desserts with a house full of sugary goodness.  I worked out the entire three days I was there and was successful in keeping to the portion sizes and protein/carb/fat ratios until Saturday night, when we ate out at a Memphis BBQ restaurant.  I will see how successful I will be when I get on the scale tomorrow.  If you hear a groan of anguish, you will know that I gained weight.  This time, we are forming teams.  I didn't find anyone in AZ to team with me (insert martyr's sigh), so I will team up with KT and one of her friends (yay!).

My bad habit to drop:  spend no more than 30 minutes each day on the computer in non-work related activities (homeschooling, church, cub scouts)
My good habit to encourage:  spend 5 minutes a day each organizing my desk and my bedroom.

Game On!

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