July 19, 2008

Top 10 reasons why I homeschool

So many people ask me why I homeschool, when they learn what I do. I acknowledge that homeschooling is a personal choice and not everyone is called to homeschool. Public schools do a decent job of educating kids and I know there are great teachers out there. I also acknowledge that there is no perfect educational system, even homeschooling, because the teachers are limited. However, homeschooling appealed to me from the time I was pregnant with my first born for a number of reasons. Here are the top ten reasons that I homeschool. I have listed them so from least important to most important.

10. Bullies--I want teach my kids not to become one and limit their experiences with them to outside social activities.
9. The bus ride
8. I get to see my kids more than just the early morning sleepy grump and early afternoon/late evening cranky times.
7. My homeschool has a much better student-to-teacher ratio of any school around.
6. Lesson times are shorter because there is less inertia from large groups in the transition time, leaving more time for kids to pursue their own interests.
5. Kids can progress at their own rate in all the basic subjects without being labeled.
4. They learn to socialize with everyone, not just kids of their own age.
3. They can learn life skills, like peacemaking, forgiveness, learning to keep a house clean, budgeting, and cooking, so that when they get out in the "real world", they will have a lot less stress in the transition because the life skills will be second nature.
2. Homeschooling builds a special child-parent bond and bond between siblings that cannot be created by the public school.
1. God gave me the job. There are times I want to quit and there are times I feel God would be justified to fire me, but He keeps telling me this is my job. Until He releases me, I will continue to seek His wisdom on how to raise and teach my kids.

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