July 22, 2008

Why I chose "Tandeming Trolls"

Some of you who are not family may have wondered why I chose a "Tandeming Trolls" moniker. After all, who would really want to be associated with a troll.

My husband and I met through a bike club. I was just getting into it and he was a hard core recreational bicyclist. He would go on 30 mile trips without any difficulty. I worked my way up to 30 mile bike rides when we were courting and twice paid an organization to ride 100 miles in a day. When my husband and I got married, instead of choosing a china pattern, we chose a tandem bicycle and asked people to help us buy it. It is the beautiful royal purple one in the picture. Now it has been converted to an adult/child tandem. My mom told me that I would regret not getting china. Well, mom, so far, I have had no need for it. Sorry!

Our last name is Dutch. The Dutch translation for Overtoom is either "Troll" or "Bridgetender". I liked the alliteration and rhythm of "Tandeming Trolls" much better than "Tandeming Bridgetender."

However, when deciding on a name for our homeschool, since homeschools are considered private schools in Illinois, my husband and I decided to call it "Bridgetender School" because bridgetender has a better connotation than troll.

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