August 9, 2008

That's entertaining! Or Not!

Six Flags day: If you remember a previous post about fair rides, I was a little concerned about going to Six Flags because a fair ride made me queasy. Rest assured, neither prunes, nor Yanni will be welcomed into the house anytime soon. Eric actually has told me that Yanni will never be welcome in the house. The kids and I had a blast going on rides. I was able to go with Jessi on "The Demon" which features both a loop de loop and a cork-screw turn. Elizabeth and I went on "The American Eagle" and "Viper" rollercoaster rides. I rode with John on the Whizzer and log flume ride. I didn't get to ride with Kyle, though :-(. I wanted to go with Kyle on the "The Demon," but, although he was thrilled that he was tall enough to ride the rollercoaster, he wasn't so thrilled about going on the ride. We all went together on a river rapids ride. When I went with John on the Log Flume and the Whizzer, I asked him at the end if he liked it and without smiling, he said "yes". However, the picture they took from the log flume showed something more like a grimace than a smile as we went down the long. Kyle's favorite part was the bumper cars, which he went with Eric.

Bad Day: The day after Six Flags was a bad day for everyone. We had all stayed up too late and were going through withdrawl after all the stimulation and sugar consumed (mainly in sodas). In the afternoon, I was apologizing to the kids for being so grumpy and Jessi chimed in, "Don't worry, Mom. God loves you anyway!" I've got to remember that line when my kids misbehave!

America's Got Talent: Eric and I managed to make it through a whole hour of "America's Got Talent" on Thursday to see who would go on to CA. We missed the Tuesday show because of Great America. Normally, I don't watch those type of shows because they seem to be in the genre of Roman Ampitheatre, like in the movie "Gladiator". However this season, a friend of Kristi Kloos, my sister-in-law, is competing. His name is Neal Boyd and he has a fantastic operatic voice. I think he is much better than the cross dressing opera star, even if the "guy" can sing from bass to soprano. However, watching the show was painful, mainly because of the judges. Halfway through I was so tired of seeing David Hasselhoff cry and Sharon Osborne trying to look stern. And of course, they left Neal Boyd as the last contestant. I felt so sorry for him because they really played on his emotions. From now on, we will tape it so we can fast forward. Go Neal!!! Vote early and vote often!

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