August 2, 2008

The Fair

I didn't enjoy the fair as much this year as I usually do. I have two things to blame for this: a really hot day and the "Ring of Fire." The first part of our fair experience was letting kids go on a few rides. The younger kids went on three because they chose cheaper rides. However, Elizabeth wanted to go on "Ring of Fire", which cost four tickets. The "Ring of Fire" is a roller coaster ride in which the cars go around a vertical loop. I decided to go with her, partly as a protective mom and partly because I usually enjoy the rides at Six Flags where you go upside down, either in a cork-screw or a loop. However, as I buckled myself up for the ride, the thought occurred to me that it would take some time to build up enough momentum before the ride would start running in circles. As the thought lingered, the ride started up and I realized something: I do NOT like hanging sideways looking down. Nor do I like hanging almost upside down or even hanging completely upside down for more than three seconds. I also realized that I don't like going in loops backwards, which is strange because I don't mind riding trains backwards. Over the course of the ride, I also came to realize that the operator loved having people hang upside down for up to ten seconds because he slowed us down at the top a LOT. Elizabeth was, of course, having a blast while I was using all the self control I had to keep from screaming "Get me OFF this thing." When the ride was done, Elizabeth was ready for a second run. I, however, solemnly swore that I would NEVER get on that ride again. I think I picked up an extra grey hair or two. I also felt queasy for the rest of the time at the fair, so much so that I could not eat either of the fried dough products covered in powdered sugar we bought. And now I hate that ride for two reasons. It ruined the rest of the day for me and it made me feel old. This was a ride I in which I used to glory riding. I just hope that when we go to Six Flags in a few days, I will be able to enjoy "The Demon" with Elizabeth and maybe Jessi, which has both a cork-screw and a loop in it. If not, I might as well start eating prunes, playing shuffle-board and listening to Yanni. Sigh.

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