December 22, 2008

Breaking News...

John is potty training and he is doing a great job! We started last week, when he started getting a rash from eating something that his body did not like. We are suspecting that he might be developing lactose intolerance, which is a condition his brother developed at three also. The first day we started, he had a couple accidents. At this point, he has not had a liquid accident for three days and today, he found that he could put his solid waste into the potty without a problem. I am hoping that the rest of the potty training experience will be as much of a dream as the first week. I think it helps that he has five people cheering him on every time he goes potty. The other kids are also hoping it will take a short time because as soon as he is completely potty trained, we will be getting a dog as a pet. Way to go John!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go John. Won't it be nice to have no diapers?

Love Mom I.