December 28, 2008

Cookie time

One thing I remember from my childhood is that Christmas means cookies--at least seven or eight different kinds. Sometimes we gave a bunch away, sometimes we had cookies until Valentine's Day. Regardless of how many or how few cookies were made, invariably, two weeks or so before Christmas, my mom started making cookies and didn't stop until Christmas. I also try to make a lot of cookies with the purpose of giving most of them away as gifts so that we only have a week's worth left over at Christmas time. This year, I asked my dh and kids what cookies they wanted for Christmas. Our list this year was star spritz, Christmas tree spritz, toffee bars, gingerbread cutout cookies, sugar cookies and homemade caramels. Yesterday, thanks to a friend and her daughters, we finished decorating all the cutout cookies. I have been sampling them and I realize that I much prefer the spicy goodness of gingerbread over the bland sweetness of sugar cookies. In my effort to become more blog-proficient, I decided to try to post a poll to see what cookie everyone else prefers. The poll closes January 4th.

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Auntie Gigi said...

I like to make sugar cookies and then frost them, and decorate the frosting. It makes them so yummy.