February 5, 2011

Catching a ride on the flu train

My kids never get sick on Saturday. At least hardly ever does a bug show up on Saturday. It is always on Sunday evening that we see the first signs of infection, so that we can share with all of our church friends. Last Sunday evening, Kyle started showing symptoms of not feeling good. He didn't each much at dinner and voluntarily went to sleep. Sure enough, he woke up on Monday with a fever. We didn't show up for the sports program, limiting our outing to music lessons for the girls. Kyle did a little school when the advil kicked in, but otherwise read and slept on Monday when we returned home. Unfortunately, it meant that he missed the Wolf promotion ceremony. He is still officially a wolf cub, but didn't get to stand in front of everybody and receive his pin and other stuff.

Kyle's fever didn't break until Tuesday night, at which time, John was not feeling great. I should have kept John from karate class, but it really didn't show up until after he took the class. Great, his teacher hugged him at one point. There goes another person down with the flu. John got to watch a lot of TV because he can't read yet, which brought some complaint from Kyle. I tried to do school in between checking on John.

John's fever broke Wednesday afternoon at which time Elizabeth started coughing. On me. Several times. At that point, my husband and I started exchanging "air kisses" so that he wouldn't get anything from me. By the next day, Elizabeth and a were conducting a coughing concerto each day and evening when our cough medicine stopped working. We were also downing lots of lemon water with honey. I need to give the girl's horseback teacher a thank you note as she gave us a ton of oranges and lemons from her tree. At night, I would add some brandy to mine, an old Overtoom cold remedy. We did a little bit of school that day, but not everything on the schedule was accomplished. Thursday is usually a lighter day anyway.

We gave up all pretenses of school on Friday and watched a couple of episodes of "Blue Planet" as well as some shows of "Jelly Telly," a new kids program from one of the original creators of Veggie Tales. Elizabeth and I were feeling pretty bad. I took two naps that day, aided by the kids being quiet.

I think the cold is culminated with me today. I ran a fever last night and have a horrible cough that is doing absolutely nothing to relieve congestion. My throat is raw from coughing. And now, Kyle is starting to cough, which he didn't experience in the first round of illness. So far, Jessi and Eric have been successful at avoiding the train. May they miss the ride completely. My plan is to completely clean the house today to wipe out any germ that might be thinking of sticking around and infecting others. I need to start soon before the advil wears off. And I am hoping that all the work will loosen the gunk in my lungs.

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