February 6, 2011

A New Computer for a Midwestern Girl


Earlier this week, as I was dealing with colds, fever and coughing ravaging my home, my Dell had a terminal problem.  Terminal as in gone, dead, taking the big sleep, going to that big computer shop in the sky.    It had been slowing down considerably over the past month or so and restarting it helped a little bit.  We had replaced the keyboard and the external hardrive, but it was getting bogged down and freezing up more and more frequently.  Unfortunately, I helped it along in its demise.  I had just butted heads with my eldest and frustrated with her, when I see that the computer, which I had tried to shut down to give it a break thirty minutes earlier, had not yet taken the last step toward shutting down.  I gave it a slap of frustration and another slap of frustration for the problem between me and my daughter and yet a third slap of frustration at the way I dealt with the situation.  Apparently, hard drives do not like being slapped, especially old hard drives.  When I tried to boot it up again, I received an error message that talked about re-installing the OS.  Not a good thing.  When I gave my computer guru husband the message on the computer during his lunchtime call, he agreed that it was not a good message.  No matter how much he worked on my old computer, it wouldn’t work.  So now, I am typing on my brand new HP computer and my husband and I are working to get everything onto this new computer.  He is doing most of the work because I am still encumbered by fever and coughing and the urge to sleep through most of the day.  By the end of the week, I hope to have the flu bug banished and my computer set up with all the stuff I am used to having.  My biggest hurdle will be trying to transfer my Tapestry of Grace DE licence from my old computer to my new one.

And now for something completely different…

I have been living in Arizona now for almost two years and yet, I still consider myself a Midwesterner.  I like what my pastor has said many times.  He grew up in Iowa and loves Hawkeye football and everything Iowa…but not enough to live there.  I am feeling a little bit the same way.  I love the Midwest, although I do NOT miss shoveling snow and enduring the month of February and March when rain and snow keep us inside for way too long.  But I love the Midwest at a distance and, if there is a Midwest team in the Superbowl or the Final Four or any other championship series, I will root for that team.  Of course, I would prefer the midwestern team competing in the championship to be a Chicago team.  This year, Green Bay denied Chicago a chance at Superbowl stardom, so my husband rooted for Pittsburgh.  Green Bay, even though they are archrivals to the Bears, are a Midwestern team, so I was rooting for them.  I have a feeling that my husband will be banishing me to the couch tonight and not because I have a cold and fever, either. He was not happy that three of the four kids took sided with me.  When Green Bay scored their third touchdown, he and the young, temporary Packer fans exchanged razzberries until I reminded them that some of them still had fevers and that sending saliva all over everybody might not be a good idea.  I’m just glad I chose a comfy couch. 


AquaJane said...

Kris, did you see a comment from me just the other day? It was on your new computer and Super Bowl post. Does Google have a new procedure for commenting? I think they now make you sign in or something. Anyway, I think my blog comments have been lost recently due to my not signing in after typing the comment. Sorry.

tandemingtroll said...

Hi AquaJane! I haven't seen any comments except for spam comments on much older blogs.

I don't think Google has a new procedure for commenting. And I don't think the new computer is affecting THAT ;-).